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Mandarin Cookies

Sativa Hybrid

Mandarin Cookies

Sativa Hybrid

About this strain

Mandarin Cookies is a high-THC potency sativa-dominant hybrid of Forum Cut Cookies and Mandarin Sunset. The flowers have dark green and purple accents scattered throughout sticky trichomes. Mandarin Cookies showcases the sweet aromas of pine (beta-pinene), floral and fruity (nerolidol) with peppery undertones (beta-caryophyllene). This product was grown as a small batch in a high-tech indoor facility in central Alberta. Every bud is carefully hung dried, hand trimmed and cold cured to exact standards.

BOAZ Craft Cannabis premium flower pre rolls are always made with full buds. Each pre roll is then crafted by hand from being filled, rolled and packaged.

  • THC 18% - 24%
  • CBD 0% - 1 %
  • Available in 3.5g

terpene Name terpene Value terpene Figure
d-Limonene 0.33
b-Caryophyllene 0.29
b-Myrcene 0.19
a-Bisabolol 0.11
Other 0.36

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