About Rylan's role

I am a packaging assistant here at BOAZ. I am super detail oriented and have a good eye for catching inconsistencies and ensuring that everything we package is of the highest quality. My goal is that all product that leaves our facility is something my team and I would be happy to purchase ourselves.

Rylan’s Story

Having grown cannabis and witnessed its medical benefits first hand, I want to be part of an alternative solution to big pharma and its tendency to push pills. Before I worked in cannabis, I detailed cars, which is where I developed my ability to catch even the smallest details that might be out of place. I notice a lot of things that other people don’t, and it is my mission that our customers’ needs are always put first.


I am passionate about the environment and the ocean. I lived in Panama for four years when I was growing up, and that’s where I gained my huge appreciation for the environment and for keeping it clean. I transfer this passion into cannabis by thinking about more sustainable packaging and production solutions. Canada’s regulations make it difficult right now, but I’m hopeful we will someday be able to develop and use packaging that is biodegradable without leaching or compromising the product in any way.

I love being outdoors. Being in nature. Snowboarding. Surfing. Anything that involves a board!


ATTENTION TO DETAIL – I’m a perfectionist in terms of the attention I give to the smallest details. I’m also a fast learner and soak up new information like a sponge. I am on a relentless pursuit to get things done and give attention to matters that actually provide value. Knowing what aspects to obsess over and what to leave be is part of my process.