About Robert's role

I bring a lot of different skills to the production process: from construction to maintenance in the pods with a drilling rig background, a real handyman. I’ll do anything, as a jack of all trades, master of none.

I’m easygoing. I have a calm nature and seem to be able to calm people with anxiety. I help ground people.

I just want to make the best medicine possible. Even if you don’t have a card, and it’s just recreational, you may as well get something that’s good. I just want to grow the best possible product, keep our name clean, and make everybody happy.

Robert’s Story

I worked on drilling rigs for 17 years, but when the oil industry tanked, I needed to find something else to do for the rest of my life. I was hanging with buddies who grew, but I had only dabbled in growing before myself. I always liked gardening, but I fell into the cannabis industry by accident. I like watching plants grow and develop, and seeing what you can bring out of them. The awe of it – to see how big you can get your tomatoes or cucumbers. It’s the same thing with the cannabis plant. There’s a level of achievement when you do it right. It’s one of the only jobs where you can watch your work at every stage of life and then start all over again.


My passion is my family. I mostly hang with my family in my spare time. We sit and listen to music. We go for hikes. I also have a passion for the cannabis plant and what can develop from it.


MY WIFE – She gives me everything. She’s my world. If not for her, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. She’s amazing. We worked hard at being married for 19 years. I didn’t give up. It’s easier to give up than it is to fight for love. We could have given up lots of times, but she’s my life and my everything. Together we are a force.