About Nancy-Anne's role

I provide quality assurance support. I am a researcher and writer and apply those skills to my QA role today. I also author standard operating procedures (SOPs), which keep the team on the same page when working within tight regulations. I am eager to contribute to the powerful sense of community and cohesion at BOAZ, and I want to be here for the team in any way that they need me.

Nancy-Anne’s Story

I have a background in ecology and community organizing. The cannabis industry initially fell into my lap, but as I witness the positive impact that cannabis has had on so many lives, I am inspired to continue working in this industry. I have great respect for this fascinating plant and am moved by the stories clients share about how it has transformed their lives for the better.


I am passionate about choice. People can choose to use cannabis and not pharmaceuticals. I want to advocate for that point specifically, as well as choice in general. I am also passionate about connecting people, and here in Canada we are lucky to have the freedom to choose how we want to build community.


COMMUNITY – Finding the light where there is darkness.


“I love the tight team environment here. Everyone’s values feel in alignment, both professionally and personally.”