About Mark's role

I am a trimmer. While I approach my role in a relaxed and methodical way, I also work hard and get things done. This is my dream job, and I love every aspect of working here.

Mark’s Story

I grew up in a family of gardeners. My parents had a huge organic garden in their backyard, and I learned from them the satisfaction you feel by putting seeds in the ground. As soon as I discovered cannabis, I knew it was something I wanted to grow. I like to consume cannabis personally, but more importantly, I realize the need to provide good medicines to people in need. I like being able to provide a product that really helps. I also come to BOAZ with 20+ years of construction experience, which means I have a deep understanding of logistics and generally how projects fit together; knowledge that I can transfer to my job as a trimmer.


I am an artist at heart, and I have always considered myself a bit of a hippy. I paint, and I also play guitar. I like playing backup guitar during recording studio sessions rather than live on stage, but if I am creating in some capacity, I’m happy.


CALMNESS – I stay calm under pressure. Probably why I’m also good at getting people to open up when they are feeling stressed or the situation is tense. People talk to me.