About Julian's role

I am the Grow Team Lead at BOAZ. I assist our Master Grower with production tasks as well as record compliance. I love to help people develop professionally and personally. For example, while it’s my job to make sure the paperwork gets done, I make sure my team members know how to fill it out correctly and empower them to take ownership of each task as well. I also remind my team that we are the eyes and ears of the grow process. Our Master Grower has multiple areas of focus, and we need to let him know when we see anything that requires greater attention.

I love how much I’m learning; something I didn’t expect since I came to the table with extensive growing experience already. But operating at scale and learning within a sophisticated facility has been great.

I love working at BOAZ for all of the opportunity it is giving me to grow, but I also love the people who work here. I know that I will be close with the team, outside of work, for a long time.

Julian’s Story

I was in a sales and business development role for a medical cannabis clinic when I first met David. I spoke to him about my passion for growing and that I wanted to move away from sales and into production. Shortly after BOAZ received its cultivation license, David contacted me to come to BOAZ. The timing worked out for both of us, and I’ve been at BOAZ ever since.

I’ve always been drawn to the teacher role. I enjoy seeing the “aha” in a person’s eyes. This industry is opening a lot of people’s minds and being present in this moment is great. Knowing that I am personally involved in influencing this new paradigm shift in our community and culture is really motivating.

Unique Skills & Strengths

My unique skill is that I can play both sides, professionally speaking. I can work directly with the plants, speak to cannabis genetics and the culture, and I can just as easily put on a suit, work in the office environment and be a great resource. I’m a chameleon.

I am also fluent in American Sign language. My birth mother is a sign language interpreter, and she taught me when I was young. Signing requires you to read body language and emotion along with the signs themselves. Now that I have taught my son to sign, I can tell that he has developed the ability to understand people intuitively and is very perceptive to how they are really feeling.

Passions & Hobbies

I love language and communication. People view things differently based on their perspective, so being able to clearly communicate an idea to a number of people’s subjective consciousnesses is a passion of mine.

I love animals, especially dogs. I train and breed American Bullys, a fairly new dog breed.

Cannabis genetics are also something I’m very passionate about. I’ve been breeding cannabis genetics for two years, because I have a huge passion for creating cannabis that we can talk about like we would a bottle of wine. My goal is to curate strains of cannabis to complement specific experiences, just like we pair certain wines with particular foods today.


MY SMILE – I make people happy who are around me.