About Janette's role

I am the Senior Accountant at BOAZ. This is my first time working for a cannabis company, but the skills and experience I have acquired in other industries are applicable. Cannabis is a new and highly regulated industry, so cannabis accounting, which is roughly a combination of both farming and chemical manufacturing accounting, is unique and complex. As a CPA, I have an opportunity to further educate and equip myself with tools and knowledge to prepare for the unknowns and changing regulations and ensure proper and accurate financial reporting. What I love about working here is the people and the culture. Employees are engaged, empowered and love what they do. I thirst for continued learning and growth and I love that I am able to learn something new everyday.

Janette’s Story

I chose cannabis because I believe that it’s a great opportunity to be part of the most exciting global industry that’s set to disrupt everything from, pharmaceuticals to consumer goods. I also believe in cannabis as a medicine and that it serves as a great alternative to big pharma drugs. I am excited about its potential and the possibilities, and I like that I can impart my knowledge to people around me.


I am passionate about helping people. I like to be of service. I have volunteered for more than two years at the Drop-In Centre where I serve dinners at least once a month. The experience is so fulfilling, keeps me grounded and helps me become a better person myself. I also volunteer at the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society helping immigrants file their annual income taxes. I do this because I am also an immigrant to Canada and remember when I had to learn how to do the tax filings by myself. Now, I work with about 20 immigrant families per year.

I also love photography, health and nutrition, food and wine, and the outdoors.


EMPATHY – I ask a lot of questions and am a good listener. By paying attention, I gain a deeper understanding of what people need. I actually find that I have prevented a lot of things from falling through the cracks because of my ability to listen and understand people.