About Don's role

I am a jack of all trades. Technically, I was hired to oversee our trimmers, their schedules, and product packaging, but I do so much more than that on any given day. When something needs doing, I jump right in no matter what. We all support each other like family.

Don’s Story

I worked in a large food production plant for thirty years! I love the challenge of working within the confines of regulation and structure, of which there are plenty in both food and Cannabis production. I have also been an ACMPR-licensed Cannabis producer for several years and came to BOAZ with a good working knowledge of the plant and its properties.


My first passion is my family. The team at BOAZ also feels like a close-knit family, which is probably why I have felt aligned with the company’s values and priorities from the very beginning.


LAUGHTER – Either my own or my ability to bestow it on others. I love to laugh, but I feel even better when I can make someone else laugh.


“BOAZ cares about its product and the people who use it. You don’t find that in many businesses anymore. From the day I started, it was clear to me that this place is filled with love and care.”