About David's role

My roots in oil and gas have given me the necessary people skills, experience to turn organizations around, and ability to build successful companies from the ground up. It’s a unique skill set to put the right structures, systems, processes and schedules in place while building and motivating a new team that can move forward a complex regulatory-driven project on a very tight timeline.

David’s Story

I was a senior executive and owner of an engineering firm in the oil and gas industry. I was born into the industry, seen its boom and bust cycles and in 2014, watched the whole industry fall apart again. Only this time I wanted to do something more; it was a time of change for me. I wanted to be part of a movement, a real leader of change on a much bigger scale. During this time the cannabis industry was just being born, with so much innovation and the potential to help people. I’ve seen the benefits of cannabis. I started learning everything I could about it, and my interest grew from there. The industry was not filled with the usual stereotypes we expected; my eyes opened. There was a synergy and excitement in this budding industry, and I wanted to be a leader in it.


I loved building the company from scratch… everything, from the initial drawings – to the design and layout, with my own hands. We had no templates, nothing. Bethan brought her pharmaceutical background for the license application, while I brought stakeholder engagement and application experience from a heavily-regulated federal/provincial oil and gas industry, and then Bill, Nancy-Anne, and Don joined us to complete our core team. We really pulled together. I just love start-ups and their energy. Every day we see an outcome and every day we have to accept that we can’t always predict will happen. The cannabis industry is like no other: it changes all the time based on the regulatory environment, social acceptance, and the medical and recreational regulations. You need to have foresight, be willing to take risks and pivot quickly as the industry evolves.


CHAMELEON – I’m just as comfortable in a cowboy shirt, or my scrubs, or a suit, and I can hang out with anybody.

Personal Quote

“I love doing new stuff all the time and challenging myself… coming from the days of skydiving, to competitive hangliding, to bungee jumping out of a hot air balloon! I am always looking for adventures, excitement, and new challenges. Life is all about taking calculated risks!”