About David's role

I impart love and care into the plants I cultivate and feel very fortunate I can do this every day. It feels like family here at BOAZ. It’s a small team right now, but even when it gets bigger, it will always feel like a family. Feels good. I believe in the work, because I am also a patient. I feel rich and fortunate to just be here and to give love to these plants, because I know it will help other people get better, too. Every morning I wake up and think I’m just going to work, working towards other people getting better.

David’s Story

As a medical patient myself for over 20 years, I’ve been passionately researching and growing plants. I have knowledge about the human body’s endocannabinoid system and receptors. I’ve been learning for more than five years now about the health benefits of cannabis. There’s just endless research and knowledge to be gained in this field. Each strain has different medical properties – it’s the beauty of how mother nature works.


Music! I play instruments: guitar, bass, drums, smaller instruments. I’m working on my next album. It’s mostly solo, mostly folk rock music.


INSATIABLE APPETITE TO LEARN – I love to spread the word about cannabis, even though some people think I’m crazy. It’s a passion of mine to un-brainwash people. I help them realize cannabis is a medicine and that mother nature is powerful.