About Bethan's role

I’m really proud of what we’ve created from scratch. I built the entire quality management system in compliance with ACMPR regulations from Health Canada. My whole career I’ve been working  in quality management, in highly-regulated industries. For the last few years, I’ve been auditing other facilities and suppliers, and I’ve seen some great examples of strengths and weaknesses. This insight gives me a really solid foundation to help our team build this business.

Bethan’s Story

I got the proverbial call out of the blue (while sitting in a farmers’ market in Calgary). A friend figured my skill set would be perfect in this budding new industry. I wanted to be close to my family and not travel too far. BOAZ is based in Calgary, where I live, so it was perfect. David invited me to walk through the front door (and now I monitor the alarms on that same door).


I just love regulated environments (yeah, I know that sounds weird to some of you). I’m organized and I draw on past experience. I can interpret and translate complex regulations into a workable plan for real people. Inspections in our industry are really designed for protection and safety.


SHAPE SHIFTER – I can work and communicate with anybody. And I’ll ferret out the root cause. I don’t believe the problem is ever with the people. I believe it’s always about the training or the processes.

Personal Quote

“As long as we have a common goal, and we’re willing to work together, we can create great experiences with all the regulatory bodies and consumers.”