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Old-school craft growing meets modern Eco-innovation.

Our journey starts with a seed…

  1. Seed

  2. Plant cultivation

  3. Seedling

  4. Mother Plant Cutting

  5. Cloning

  6. Rooting

    Plant is taller, serialized and tracked individually

  7. Vegetative

    Plant is moved to larger pot

  8. Flowering

    Light schedule is changed

  9. Harvest

    Wet weight is recorded, waste recorded

  10. Product Processing

  11. Drying

    Plants are hung to dry, dry weight recorded

  12. Trimming

    Buds are cut from stems, trimmed, graded and batched into lots

  13. Curing

    Intensifies terpenes and flavour

  14. Extraction

    Smaller buds and plant trim are sent to extraction

  15. Testing

    Test sample is sent for testing and lot is held until results are cleared

  16. Packaging

    Finished product is packaged, labeled with test results, and lot info

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