Cannabis Basics

Is Cannabis legal in Canada?

Yes. Medical cannabis has been legal since 2001, and Licensed Producers have offered medical cannabis since 2014. On October 17, 2018, Canada became the first G7 nation to legalize recreational cannabis for adults.

Is BOAZ a licensed producer?

Yes. BOAZ was officially licensed for cultivation by Health Canada on June 22, 2018: Health Canada production licence number LIC-YS4LWP4O2U-2018. A Sales License was granted on May 24, 2019: Health Canada licence for sale number YS4LWP4O2U-2018-1.

The Plant

What is the growth cycle of cannabis?

Like most plants, cannabis begins with seed germination followed by the seedling (or clone), vegetative and flowering stages. Depending on the strain, cannabis completes its life cycle within 8 to 12 weeks.

How is cannabis grown?

Cannabis can be grown outside or in greenhouses. It’s also cultivated in hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems.

Where does cannabis grow?

“Weed” is an appropriate slang term for cannabis considering how easily it grows. Cannabis can flourish in most environments, and its hardiness and adaptability lend themselves well to growing on a variety of scales, from small home gardens of four plants to the larger commercial scales of Licensed Producers.

Why are there so many strains of cannabis?

Like many commercial plant species, cannabis strains are bred for specific traits, such as taste and colour – much like some apples are bred for sweetness while others are bred for hardiness.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a variety, or sub-species, of Cannabis sativa that is grown for industrial uses (e.g., fibre, food, fuel, plastics).

Does hemp have psychoactive properties?

No. Hemp contains low-to-negligible concentrations of  THC, the psychoactive compound that is found in cannabis. However, hemp production was illegal in Canada until 1998 when the Canadian Federal Government finally lifted growing restrictions.

What is sativa and indica?

Sativa and indica are types, or species, of cannabis. Sativa strains are tall with narrow leaves. They have a longer flowering cycle and often have a mental affect associated with them. Indica strains are short with broad leaves. They have a shorter flowering cycle and are often associated with a body buzz.

What is a hybrid strain?

A hybrid strain is a cannabis plant whose lineage is mixed with both indica and sativa strains. The percentage of one parent or the other varies and can affect the experience, smell, and look of the plant.

What is THC and CBD?

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are active chemical compounds found in cannabis. THC is associated with the psychoactive effect of cannabis, while CBD delivers a more calming, non-psychoactive experience. Each of these cannabinoids, and many more, interact with the endocannabinoid system found in humans and animals.

Craft Process

What do you mean by handcrafting?

Handcrafting describes our approach to growing cannabis. Unlike large-scale productions that rely on automation, we give individualized attention to every plant in our smaller operation. We hand water, hand trim and provide optimal lighting to every batch, resulting in some of the best medical cannabis on the market.

Why is handcrafting special?

Many large producers embrace automation to offset costs. BOAZ prioritizes a handcrafted process, meaning our plants are cared for by hand, and each strain gets individual attention with feeding regimens catered to their specific needs.

Are you organic?

BOAZ is not certified organic, because Licensed Producers (LPs) are not permitted to use the Canada Organic Logo. However, we still employ organic-based and pharmaceutical-grade nutrients to ensure our products’ purity, quality, and safety.

How do you grow your plants?

We grow our plants in pots using a natural growing medium called coco coir, which is comprised of coconut husk fibres. Pots are placed in customized shipping containers that have highly-controlled microclimates. Our production pods help minimize contamination risk while maximizing plant health, quality, and yields.

About BOAZ

What does BOAZ mean?

BOAZ is an ancient word meaning strength and has been chosen as a business name to reflect the strong foundation of principles and values that the company is built on.

When did BOAZ start cultivating cannabis?

BOAZ received its cultivation license on June 22, 2018.

Why do you call yourself “craft”?

We prefer the term “handcrafting” and for us it means passionate care and crafting with intention to harvest the greatest potential from our plants.

Why is BOAZ different from other small-batch, craft Licensed Producers?

BOAZ is a Calgary-based, independent, and family-run and operated Licensed Producer. We do everything by hand with a high degree of personal care and an intense attention to detail at every stage of the process.

What is irradiation?

Irradiation is the use of radiation to reduce food- and plant-borne illnesses.

Why doesn’t BOAZ irradiate its products?

Gamma irradiation can negatively affect the overall taste and quality of products.

What is sterilization?

E-Beam technology is a sterilization process that uses a high energy electron beam accelerator to destroy bioburdens directly. It doesn’t use a radioactive source, such as cobalt, and is therefore less stressful to material and avoids an accumulation of ozone, heat and other reactive.

Does BOAZ ever sterilize its products?

Yes. Occasionally we will E-Beam products to better serve clients with immunocompromised conditions.

New Clients

How do I become a BOAZ client?

Visit the BOAZ store to view our products and accessories. You must be a registered client and are required to sign in with your client ID to order products. To become a registered client, visit

Can I register with multiple Licensed Producers and/or split my prescription?

Yes. You can register with multiple Licensed Producers to access more strains and products (e.g., cannabis oil, dried flower, capsules).

Do you have compassionate pricing or special offers?

Yes. We offer both Compassionate Pricing and Preferred Pricing. Compassionate Pricing provides 15% off your order, and is for individuals making less than $29,000/year, and/or on disability/income. Preferred Pricing also offers 15% off your order, but applies to First Responders, Veterans and Seniors (65+). The discount may be combined with the offer of free shipping for orders over $100. Please contact us directly to determine if you qualify, and to find out which documents will be required. Veterans will receive Preferred Pricing but apply directly through Veteran Affairs.

What is the recommended dosage for cannabis?

Dosing varies from person-to-person and also depends on how cannabis is consumed (i.e., smoking or vaping versus taking cannabis oil or gel capsules). Other variables that affect dosing include strain type and medical symptoms. Consult with your healthcare provider for more details.

Does my insurance cover medical cannabis?

Some insurance companies cover cannabis prescriptions and some don’t. Coverage may also be limited to specific conditions that are supported by clinical research. Contact your insurance provider for more information.