BOAZ stands at the crossroads of timeless craft and modern innovation.

We use new techniques and processes to deliver non-irradiated, small-batch products that meet quality assurance standards. By respecting the traditional craft process, we can give both our products and community the love and care they deserve.

Our Values

  • Handcrafting Perfection

    The slow, craft process creates pure and balanced results.

  • Homegrowing Community

    We add love and care to everything we do, and we treat our clients and employees like family.

  • Fiercely Independent

    Our priority is your health and happiness—not lining the pockets of shareholders.

  • Always Transparent

    You are trusting us with your medical needs. We respect this trust and disclose all practices and processes.

BOAZ considers every detail in its handcrafted process.

Why do we handcraft cannabis? Because we believe in plant medicine, but we also know that delivering consistency in a natural product requires intense attention to every detail—even when nobody’s watching.

Craft means enriching life all around us. By creating community, jobs and effective medicines, we are part of a growing movement that is bigger than ourselves

BOAZ is Crafting with Intention.

Crafted by Hand

Creating consistent satisfaction requires love and attention from real people — not automated mechanisms.

Every plant demands special care, from the volume of water it needs to the way it’s hand cut, dried, cured, and packaged.

BOAZ marries craftsmanship with innovation. We combine old-world planting and harvesting methods with scientific breakthroughs, so you can enjoy the very best handmade medical product available on the market.

BOAZ respectfully works within Health Canada’s Guidelines, and our stringent quality assurance standards ensure purity and quality are exactly as indicated. Our team leaders hail from diverse professional backgrounds and have a deep respect for process, operations, and upholding rules and regulations.

Every new life holds promise, but it takes a devoted community to coax the greatest possibility from it.

Learn about our Craft Process

Potential - Handled with Care

We're homegrowing community, one relationship at a time.

BOAZ is run by industry experts who are passionately handcrafting medical cannabis.

When we create the right culture, we attract the right people who can harvest potential. That’s why we treat both our community and our employees like family, and it’s also why we are fully invested in cultivating terrain along the leading edge of this exciting new frontier.

Our Promise

1. We will always provide our best hand grown cannabis to our clients
2. We will always treat our clients and employees as family
3. We will always operate in a transparent and truthful way

Our team members are rooted in their work and planting seeds for a better way of doing business.

With nothing to hide, we are able to develop genuine relationships with our community and clients. Read our stories. Find out what drives us to sow meaningful connections in our own backyard.

Meet our family