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Nancy-Ann Rose

Cover photo: @huns.creative – Instagram

One of the greatest things about living in Calgary is having the Rocky Mountains nestled in your backyard. In less than 2 hours, I am immersed in the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountains.

From an alpine meadow littered with colourful wildflowers to behemoth mountains reaching skywards, there is without a doubt a spiritual connection to nature. It’s a humbling experience and creates a sense that something bigger is at play.

I love the physical challenge and dose of mental health wellness I experience when playing in the mountain. After careful planning and research i.e. park advisories, mountain weather forecasts, trail information, I pack my things and head out on my next adventure!

Water, snacks, bear spray and cannabis are the staples in my hiking backpack. The happy motivating high of our White Russian is one of my favourites to take hiking. Cannabis enriches my experience and brings me into the present movement with a deeper connection and heightened awareness of the sights, smells and sounds that surround me. The high isn’t too heady and I can safely navigate more challenging hikes. I love consuming our Green Kraken on longer, less technical hikes, the type of hike that requires more endurance. The best place to enjoy cannabis is of course on the summit! Hopefully, it’s not too windy to light my doobie!

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