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New Packaging

BOAZ is happy to introduce craft bags for flower and future extracts. The reason for the transition is from feedback from our community of users and stores across the country.

Starting December 2020, our strains will slowly transition from the 40 dram jars to the new bags. 40 dram jars will be for any active strains in the recreational market until further notice.

When moving to bags, there will always be positives and negatives with any type of packaging within the rec market. We want to ensure we are taking everything in consideration from packaging, shipping and selling. We also like to highlight some of our benefits with the new bags:

  • Terpenes on the label
  • Less excess waste
  • Heat seal package
  • Resealable

Cannabis 2.0

Our family is happy to launch Honey by BOAZ! A new dabble concentrate in a glass and metal syringe. Honey can be done by dabbing, rolling, filling, vaping or infusing.

For more information check out: ADD HONEY LINK

We are also happy to announce we will be working on other 2.0 products throughout the year. With the launch of strain specific honey to old school hash coming later in 2021.

Store Update

From feedback with stores and consumers in the market, we want to help with improving some of our sales and process with the orders.

New offerings to the store:

12ea x Flower (3.5g) | 24ea x Pre Rolls (3 x 0.5g) | 12ea x Extracts (Honey 0.5g)

On cost, we wanted to help bring down the risk in trying out our in house and craft partner strains. With smaller case sizes we are able to bring some strains out of the provincials’ lottery. Things such as strains, refill and availability are factors that can still fluctuate. Higher flower gram amounts such as ounce bags are a potential in the future.

Another way BOAZ is changing the game is monthly rotations of genetics. From more than 130 in house genetics and the exotic strains of our partners, we are able to bring new and exciting buds not yet seen in any market. Depending on demand of each provincial market, there might be some limited releases in specific markets.

Digital Update

From medical to rec, BOAZ has always been elevating the craft cannabis community. We wanted to help showcase that in our new product focus branding. From a new website, education material and community engagement. Monthly we will update our blogs to showcase what is happening in and around our company.

Check us out on:

Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin | Facebook

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