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Cannabis is not just about THC.

THC and CBD are just a couple of the many compounds found on the whole cannabinoid profile. One aspect BOAZ is now able to showcase to consumers is terpenes. From expected to actual amounts, BOAZ has a few avenues to find out about what is in each strain. THC is king in the market but terpenes play a big role in the experiences. From taste, aromas, and effect each can change in how you react to a strain. Even in our extracts, we never infuse with any artificial terpenes, only using organically occurring in the plants.

Here are the ways to find out about BOAZ terpenes:

Strain cards are for store displays and staff education on our strains. Products like BOAZ Honey and pre rolls do not have enough real estate for excess information. Since we print for mass distribution we want to be able to highlight the key info.

Strain cards are also available in digital copies as well.

With transitioning from jars to craft bags, we are now able to put batch specific terpenes for each strain. Located on the front of the packaging next to the THC | CBD info.

We are happy to join in the movement of showing our terps on the pack!

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