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BOAZ Craft Cannabis works at the crossroads of old school craft and modern innovation.

When BOAZ releases strains in flowers or pre-rolls, there is a whole story that goes into each bud. Handcrafted to us is not a “marketing term” thrown around but the collective of labour and care we put out. Even with our craft partners are treated equally depending on the steps needing to be done. Even the buds of our carefully selected craft partners are grown with the same care and attention to the hand crafted process.

Over time we find ways in making innovations to the process but never cutting corners in quality. Throughout our process, we find innovative ways to improve our methods without cutting corners on quality. Our promise is to never rush the process, to pack fresh to order and prioritize large nugs over popcorn.

Hand Watering

Our grow team is on a tight daily schedule of pruning, inspections for plant health, and hand watering with balanced nutrients. This routine is made easy with movable vertical growing racks that allow our growers to access each plant and deliver individualized TLC. Besides the climate and light control, each plant is nurtured by hand.

Hang Dry

Before them taking down, the plants are flushed for a minimum of 10 days in preparation for harvest. Each plant is cold hang dried on racks until a moisture level of ~13% is reached. This step starts the curing process and initiates the maturation of terpenes and cannabinoid profiles.

Hand Trimming

With the help by our trim team, everything is done with clippers and attention to detail. This allows the buds to be properly sorted for various products including flowers, pre rolls and extracts. After sorting the buds are stored in large c – vaults to be cured for over a month.


The c – vaults filled with buds are stored in a controlled humidity room and are regularly inspected to make sure that there are no issues. During the inspection levels of humidity are adjusted to ensure an optimal level of moisture before packaging. This also allows the terpenes and THC to mature in taste, effects and intensity.

Hand Rolling

BOAZ pre rolls are always made from full flowers and never filled with waste, sticks, stems or sugar leaves. The flower is milled then filtered to. Each pre roll is filled with the milled product and rolled by hand. Our pre-rolls are inspected and packed by hand to ensure consistency. Just another level of quality to assure the best outcome for customers.

Hand Packaging

From every product by BOAZ, all our products are hand labeled and packaged. From the pop tops, jars and craft bags each unit is measured and sealed for freshness. BOAZ also packages fresh to order across Canada.

A true hand craft. Crafted together.

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