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Reducing waste and crafting innovation in cannabis packaging

Canadian cannabis legalization is in its infancy. But, with all the excitement and possibilities, a nascent industry carries unique issues that take time to iron out. Rising to the top of the list of consumer concerns when it comes to commercial cannabis is packaging. Namely, there’s simply too much of it. And we at BOAZ couldn’t agree more.

A quick Google search reveals not just consumers’ growing concern over the waste, but also how hamstrung producers feel about finding reasonable solutions that are both compliant and affordable, without even touching on the environmentally responsible component. ran a story entitled “Shameful: Cannabis customers floored by the amount of plastic packaging on their pot” that included a picture showcasing the volume of packaging just four grams of cannabis often comes in. The materials are excessive by anyone’s standards, but producers are certainly not entirely to blame for the overload.

Anatomy of a Jar

Health Canada’s packaging rules reveal the challenges producers face to satisfy legal guidelines. This diagram is but one example of the detailed requirements the warning label must adhere to, which is to say nothing of the additional labels that must contain product information, expiry date and company logo.

In short, satisfying the elements of compliance, affordability and environmental stewardship is extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible. But BOAZ is never one to shy away from a challenge. In fact, we welcome them!

The Packaging Conundrum

Here’s a riddle: How do you fit one gram of cannabis into the right-sized jar, ensure all regulatory labelling requirements are in check, use environmentally friendly materials, and produce a beautiful package? The answer; you don’t. We have tried. That’s why BOAZ has made a conscious decision to prioritize the things that matter most when it comes to packaging.

Priority #1: Produce a label that adheres to regulations.

If we don’t follow the rules, we’re simply not in business and unable to provide clients with medicines that can help them.

Priority #2: Use the least amount of packaging possible.

That means no outer box, and no oversized bottle for a mere one gram of product. To combat waste and energy used on shipping, the minimum order BOAZ will fulfill is 3.5 grams. So, when you open your container of craft bud, it is full.

Priority #3: Use the most responsible, and compliant, container possible.

We searched far and wide for a jar that is legal, reusable, and even beautiful. Unfortunately, the compulsory label itself cannot match its elegance.

In Search of Better

In truth, BOAZ is not overly concerned with creating the perfect package, because our product is the star. That said, employing earth-friendly packaging options takes a front seat after regulatory requirements are met, as environmental stewardship very much falls under the purview of our driving ethos to support community and grow potential.

For now, we must settle for recyclable materials, despite a growing concern that recycling programs aren’t working as intended, but our hope is that the future of compostable cannabis packaging is not too far off. Just imagine a compostable container that you can plant a seed in and then bury in your garden!

Furthermore, if for any reason a BOAZ product does require outer packaging, we are looking at using paper tubes, as the cylindrical shape requires the least amount of materials. We also hope to ask you, our community, to weigh in on packaging design in the future.

Leading the Environmental Movement

Canada’s A&W Restaurant is an industry leader in terms of its responsible packaging, humane approach to animal welfare and commitment to resource conservation.

BOAZ is another homegrown Canadian brand that is dedicated to following similar business practices as they relate to the cannabis industry. If we didn’t, we would not be living our core values that our livelihood is rooted in.

How can we make a medicine approved for consumers while disregarding our planet at the same time? That is contradictory in our minds. Instead, when we say that we apply care and attention to everything we do, we mean it. And our actions are even louder than our words.

BOAZ continuously strives to find the diamonds in the details. There are a thousand opportunities just waiting to be unearthed, for those who are paying attention. We love to find solutions to complex problems, like the current packaging challenge. It is what we do best, and we’re just getting started.

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